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Cooking Recipe
We deliver "OISHII Smile" to the world.

Japanese food emphsis using nutritious seaonal ingredients with simple cooking methods to enhance charactre and advantage of the selected ingredients. Food culture is one of the major factors to make Japan as world's topcountry for longevity.
Now, the food shortage has been worried and ecology has beeen paid attention actively in the world. It might have meaning to look over this healthy culture that value food materials.
Japanese DASHI work to enhance advantage of food materials. As a DASHI maker, we create cooking recipes to introduce healthy Japanese food to the world. We wish this Japanese culture will be inheritance widely and more people in the world will have rich and healthy food life.

Overseas business was taken over to Nexty Co., Ltd.
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Noodle Rice dish
Entrees Side dish
Soup Japanese Osechi
We prepare recipe books corresponding to languages in different countries.

Many healthy Japanese dishes featuring FUTABA products are introduced in our recipe books.
We can print information of products and distributors in each countries on back side of the recipe books.
It can be used as a strong promotion items. Please make an arrangement to create your recipe book.

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