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Kombu to Katsuo no Dashi Pack
Kombu to Katsuo no Dashi Pack Bonito Kombu
Bonito DASHI and Konbu DASHI will enhance their UMAMI each other when they are mixed. FUTABA creates this basic Japanese DASHI with high quality and well balanced flavor for multi-purpose use. All natural.
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Kombu to Katsuo no Dashi Pack 50g×20p
Dried bonito, Kombu(Dried Seaweed)
W446 × D263 × H264 mm
7.0 s
1 year from manufacture day.
How to Make DASHI soup
How to Make DASHI Soup
Heat 3.6-5.4L water to boil
Add a Dashi Pack
Simmer for 5-10 min.
over medium heat.
Remove Dashi Pack
and discard.
 Component Value/100g
Water Protein Lipid Carbohydrate Ash Sodium Energy
10.0% 50.1% 9.3% 15.1% 15.5% 870mg 345kcal
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