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Like what we stated on the top page, “DASHI is the foundation of all cooking.” DASHI doesn’t have stand out taste itself but create depth and richness in cooking by unifying all other tastes of the ingredients and condiments. Therefore, it serves as key ingredients in Japanese food and many chefs pay special attention to DASHI quality.
We believe that the best answer to their quality seeking is to provide constant quality of the products. The expertise of each process and strict quality check are making stable high quality of FUTABA products possible.

Overseas business was taken over to Nexty Co., Ltd.
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Kezuribushi DASHI  Pouch
  Quality Shaved Dry Bonito for Professionals.   FUTABA’s True Value with Quality and Stability.
Liquid Seasoning Others
  Exclusive TSUYU and Liquid Seasoning by DASHI Expert.   Other Useful products to Support Fine Japanese Cooking.