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About FUTABA Outline
Hongatsuo1 The teabag-style natural stock brought the company to where it is today. It was a very simple product, made of a gauze bag containing crushed dried bonito (Product in Left). Who would have imagined that it would become such a big sale? But in fact all discoveries are like this, and even the greatest inventions start with simple ideas. This is the origin of Futaba culture of changing "questions" to "answers" and achieving tasty new discoveries. We carry this original belief today and the improved product is one of our main product, "Hongatsuo"(Product in Right). Hongatsuo2

1948 Begin operation as Dried Bonito Flakes and Food Products distributor. Tea-bag style
(Tea-bag style)
1960 Succeed in a development of Bonito Extract.
1961 Succeed in a development of Extract Coating Natural Seasonings.
1962 Develop a tea-bag style Natural Seasonings.
1966 Establish the FUTABA SHOKAI CO., LTD.

1983 Establish the Head Factory, and install advanced equipments.
Name change to FUTABA CO., LTD.
Powder DASHI
Powder DASHI
1986 Move the Head Factory.
Succeed in a development of Bonito Flavor Extract.
1987 Open a Research and Development Laboratory.
Develop a Powder Seasonings and Liquid Seasonings.

Liquid Seasoning
Liquid Seasonings
1989 Automate the Dried Bonito Flake line.

1991 Install a Low Temperature Drier for agricultural products.
Develop and start distributing agriculture processing products.
1995 Establish the second factory, and install advanced equipments.

2004 New-construction of the Main Factory.
2005 Establish the second Logistical Warehouse.
2010 Recognized as HACCP certified plant. (March)
   HACCP Certification
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