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FUTABA CO., LTD. is a DASHI manufacture based in Niigata, Japan.
In past half century, Futaba have supported tradition of Japanese food with quality products such as Bonito Flakes, Dashi Packs, Liquid seasonings, and seaweeds. We started oversea business to introduce quality Japanese flavor to the world since 2004.
In the begining of 2010, our factory has certified as US FDA seafood HACCP plant. Today, our products have been used in over15 countries and areas.

Overseas business was taken over to Nexty Co., Ltd.
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DASHI, the foundation of all cooking.
This nostalgic aroma creates the traditional Japanese flavor, OISHII (Umami).
Today, this Asian culture impact many food cultures all around the world.
FUTABA delivers this Japanese culture of OISHII to customer in the world.
Product Cooking Recipe
Product Cooking Recipe
  Proudly presented DASHI product lineups.
  Healthy Japanese food recipes featuring FUTABA products.
  Learn new idea along with cutting and food layout.
About FUTABA What is DASHI?
About FUTABA What is DASHI?
  FUTABA is DASHI specialized manufacturer established in 1953. How to make DASHI, Type of DASHI,
we will show you the spirit of Japanese cuisine.
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